Top 5 Secret useful Android Applications

Usually now every Android mobile phone is using the application. But for you I will tell you now about a 5 useful application. This application will definitely come in handy somewhere for you every day so learn about each application.

Have you ever thought which apps are accessing your privacy permission without telling you?
Well! Now you don’t have to, as Privacy dashboard will keep track of that.

App has simple and clear timeline view of accesses to location, microphone and camera.

This app mainly focuses on bringing features of “Privacy Dashboard” as seen in DP2 of android 12 to older devices.


ClipDrop is the quickest way to extract anything around you and use it for your next presentation, a social post or your e-commerce website products images.


Nowadays keeping track of all your data is a nightmare, you need to visit tons of separate, confusing pages. It’s practically impossible.

Privacy Guard enables you to keep track of all your data in one, simple place.


Create app shortcuts on the homescreen to launch two apps directly in split screen mode.
Split Screen Launcher uses the Android Accessibility API to trigger the split screen mode.


  1. Privacy Guard : DOWNLOAD

  1. split screen:  DOWNLOAD

  1. privacy Dashboard:    DOWNLOAD

  1. wa gallery: DOWNLOAD

  1. Clipdrop : DOWNLAOD

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