Google Pixel 3 and 3 XLs Bricking, As Hundreds of Reports

A boosting number of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL managers are getting out of bed to discover their devices suddenly dead, depending on a gush of customer criticisms in the search titan’s IssueTracker site.


The grievances, some going back as far as June, all define a sudden bricking of their Google Pixel 3 or even 3 XL gadgets, along with the devices becoming entrapped in a Qualcomm EDL (emergency download) setting that won’t enable customers to recuperate or even set up new firmware, specifically given that the concern avoids customers from arriving at the bootloader.


Several issues state waking up to dead phones; there are also various profiles of the concern taking place unexpectedly while in customers’ pockets or even while performing other jobs like listening closely to the music. It’s unknown whether an automatic update is triggering the problem. However, it looks like one of the most likely root causes.


What can you prepare if your Google Pixel 3 is dead?


What can you prepare if your Pixel 3 phone suddenly goes into a non-responsive state? Very little, it would seem– according to some influenced consumers in the IssueTracker thread, Google Help is unwilling to switch out the devices because they are away from the guarantee period.


One US-based individual was reportedly said to by an authorized repair work centre that their unit would undoubtedly need to have its motherboard substituted and that this would cost around $500 (regarding ₤ 360/ AU$ 670), which seems to be ludicrously high for a 3-year-old phone and is significantly greater than it costs to acquire a brand-new Pixel 3 in 2021.


In the meantime, our experts have connected to Google to discuss the concern formally and will keep you posted if there is an action.


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