Jio-Google 4g Phone Launch Timeline As Well As Rate In India Tipped

Reliance can introduce the Jio-Google 4G smart device in India for under Rs 4,000.


  • Jio-Google 4G smartphone is announced to launch in India before Diwali
  • The Jio-Google, 4G phone announcement could be made on 24th June 2021 during Dependence AGM 2021.
  • Jio-Google 4G phone cost in India is tipped to be under Rs 4,000.

The upcoming Android-based Jio 4G phone from Dependence Jio has been in the news for quite a lengthy time. According to numerous reports, the forthcoming Jio-Google 4G mobile phone from Reliance Jio and Google will undoubtedly be one of the most cost-effective offerings in the market. While the Jio 4G smart device requirements are still under wraps, India’s launch timeline and price have been tipped in a new record.

Jio-Google 4G smartphone to launch before Diwali.

According to a brand-new record from Economic Times, pointing out anonymous resources near to the matter, Reliance will undoubtedly introduce its upcoming Android-powered 4G smartphone before Diwali this year. You can expect the Jio-Google 4G smart device launch day on or before Fourth November. According to the statement, that would be the best time for the intelligent device launch as the COVID-19 circumstance would have been improved by then, and also the demand for smartphones is likely to restore.

Just recently, a report suggested that Reliance reveal its upcoming Jio 5G phone throughout the Dependence’s Annual General Fulfilling (AGM) arranged for 24th June 2021. The news would undoubtedly expose the Jio 5G phone price in India and also requirements. The 4G phone can likewise be revealed on that day. The actual rollout/sale would undoubtedly be around Diwali, as Economic Times reports.

Jio-Google 4G smart device price in India tipped

Economic Times asserts that the upcoming 4G smartphone from Reliance Jio and Google will be priced listed below $50 (approximately Rs 3,637), making it one of the most inexpensive Android mobile phones in the market. The upcoming Dependence Jio-Google smartphones are stated to assist the brand in attaining the target.

While there are no details concerning the mobile phone requirements, we understand that Google will deal with the software program for the gadget. Furthermore, the phone is said to be readily available in 4G and also 5G models. Perhaps, the phone will certainly deliver with the Android Go OS thinking about the handset’s budget-friendly pricing. Economic Times publishes that the Jio-Google smartphone is currently being tested at Wingtech Mobiles, Dixon Technologies, UTL Neolyncs, and Flextronics Technologies. The magazine claims that the R&D phase of the gadget has been finished, as well as the business is sourcing parts from the similarity Tata Electronics.


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