Google Time Clock Bug Indicates Some Android Users

A solution is seemingly on the way.


If the Google Clock application on your Android phone hasn’t been speaking up and waking you up for the final handful of days, you are not alone; plenty of disgruntled consumers have reported the bug, which seems to be too become reasonably prevalent.


As disclosed in many spots, featuring Android Authorization, there is a Reddit thread on the problem. The application list on the Google Play Store is getting hit through a ton of one-star reviews that discuss alerts certainly not calling when they should.


What is unclear is precisely what the bug might be connected to: some folks’ problems seem to be linked with using a Spotify playlist as an alarm, or even with their phone’s Do Not Disturb settings, but for others, that doesn’t seem the situation.


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The concerns seem mainly associated with Pixel phones, along with a variety of models that affected on. Nevertheless, consumers who have the Google Time clock put in on phones from other producers are likewise throwing out to mention they’ve been affected.


Can they improve it?


Android Authorities states that a Reddit blog post from Google’s Pixel Neighborhood account points out a repair: “We’ve pinpointed a solution and will roll it out very soon” reads the information, which additionally advises not utilizing Spotify as the alert sound.


Using some of the nonpayment on-device noises does show up to resolve the problem for some individuals, but not others. Likewise, there is a thread on Problem System about the bug, which states that the product and engineering groups at Google are checking out it.


With a number of our company relying upon our phones to get up in the early morning (or some other time in the day), this is a more significant concern than it may, in the beginning, appear to be. At the very least, Google and Spotify carry out show up to have operated rapidly to find out what may be occurring.


During creation, we’re still arranging a complete fix for the concern to be presented. Meanwhile, there are loads of totally free 3rd party alarm apps for Android on the Google Play Store, which you should manage to make use of with no issues.


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