Google Assistant’s New Visual Refresh Vibrant Ui Previewed

Google Assistant last received a visual refresh of its UI in the later part of 2019, with a basic rollout in the initial part of 2020. This updated Google Assistant UI is more straightforward, more compact, and will adapt to the phone’s dark style setting while it’s handicapped or active. A brand-new report shows that a brand-new update to Google Assistant’s UI might be coming in the form of a more colourful appearance.

XDA-Developer tipster Matthew Pirszel might discover a new modification to Google Assistant’s look, making it more colourful. Google Assistant had both green and blue shades applied to its background depending upon whether the light or dark theme was enabled. However, it wasn’t clear why Google selected these colours.



Google Assistant's New Visual Refresh Vibrant Ui Previewe

Source: Matthew Pirszel by XDA-Developers


XDA thinks that this might be a pre-cursor for Android 12’s “monet” theming that would select colours from a user’s wallpaper and apply them to numerous elements throughout the UI. According to XDA, the monet theming system immediately alters the notice background colour and the Quick Settings accent colour and the Settings page and Lockscreen.


Google Assistant's New Visual Refresh Vibrant Ui Previewed



Source: Matthew Pirszel by XDA-Developers


Pretzel even triggered a previously rumoured function called “My actions”, which would let users set off often utilized questions in a single tap. XDA notes that it could not open these features on a Pixel 4 with the exact same firmware version. The parts are shown operating on a Sony Xperia gadget, though it’s not explicitly pointed out which one.


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