Whatsapp is an important feature to bring, a lot of work will come to you!

You will now be able to buy luggage at Messaging app Whatsapp. On WhatsApp, the user will get the feature of shopping on their favorite brands and business. This is announced by Facebook during the F8 Annual Developer Conference.

Facebook has said that he is working on how to improve Whatsapp for business improvement. Facebook also launched the desktop version of the Messenger app, which will be available for Windows and Mac OS by the end of this year. Facebook said that it will completely change the experience of chatting between consumers and any business.

Facebook says, “With the help of this feature, the business will not only be able to reach its consumers, but also know their choices. It will be interesting to see how this feature will work on WhatsApp and now after the coming test, this feature will be added to the app by the end of this year. Facebook is fast approaching many business features messaging app in the coming time. And whatsapp payments can be launched officially too soon. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said on the last day, “One of our test features is going on for WhatsApp (Payments) in India.”

Will be able to choose the product of choice

Whereas many users are waiting for the shopping feature directly on WhatsApp, Facebook has come up with an option that allows businesses to add their product catalogs to WhatsApp Set chat. With the new features, WhatsApp users will be able to see their catalog when chatting with a business brand.


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