Version 1.7.0 Update Release date ( 1.7 Update Patch Notes BGMI)

Version 1.7.0 will be updated on November 16th (Tuesday). With the update, some modes will be temporarily closed.

◆ 1.7.0 Main updates

  1. “Arcane” collaboration mode “Mirror World”
  2. Function implementation on the back
  3. Royale Pass M5 starts (November 19)

◆Metro Royale: Reunion

  • End date and time: Tuesday, November 16th, 8:59
  • Metro Royale will be temporarily closed at the above end date and time, but a new chapter will start at a later date.
  • If you were playing Metro Royale: Reunion, some data will be carried over to the new chapter.
  • Rankings and warehouses other than the previous season’s fame level and NPC favorability will be reset.
  • C1S3 Tier Rewards Pubg Mobile (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

◆ Temporarily closed mode

  • November 16th (Tuesday)
  • [CLASSIC] Flora Menace
  • [CLASSIC] Vikendi
  • Reopens after update
  • [EVENT] Payload 2.0
  • [EVENT] Infection
  • [EVENT] Survive Till Dawn
  • [EVENT] Runic Power
  • [EVENT] Titans: Last Stand
  • Metro Royale mode

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