The best wallpaper changer apps for Android

One method for setting up your backdrop is to have it change on a planned calendar. Doing this implies you don’t need to sift through it physically; your gadget is crisp each opportunity you come to utilize it. There are a few methodologies you can take, which we’ll layout here.

Backdrop Changer

Introducing a committed application is maybe the most effortless method for changing your Android gadget’s backdrop on a calendar. Some of the time the name just says everything. Backdrop Changer is the most popular application for the activity, however there are others around on Google Play.

Fire up Wallpaper Changer to discover the application’s settings. You can pick a specific number of minutes, hours or days. As your interim, set how the application resizes or crops pictures. Select to change the backdrop each time you open your telephone. And set your backdrops to push through in an irregular request in the event that you like.

There are a few different settings to change: you’ll have to pick the Wallpaper Changer live backdrop. As the backdrop on your gadget (press and hold a clear piece of the home screen to do this) and afterward accumulate a gathering of pictures by means of the Albums tab. In the event that you move up to the Pro form of Wallpaper Changer you can deal with a few distinct collections.


Another method for turning through a few backdrops on your. Android gadget is by means of the constantly noteworthy “On the off chance that This, Then That (IFTTT)”. It interfaces applications and administrations utilizing triggers that lead to activities — and one of the bolstered activities is turning the foundation on an associated Android gadget.

When you’ve joined to IFTTT and begun take a shot at your backdrop moving formula. You can pick a wide range of triggers: another photograph in a Dropbox organizer, a recently preferred picture on Instagram. Another image from a RSS channel, something from your Flickr channel, etc.

For instance, we made a Recipe to change the backdrop. At whatever point IFTTT found another open Instagram photograph taken in a close by downtown area. It’s not as clear an answer as utilizing a devoted application, yet it gives you much greater adaptability when setting the everyday practice.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher incorporates Bing backdrops that are refreshed day by day. In the event that you have a Windows PC, you may as of now be acquainted with these wonderful backdrops on your PC’s lock screen. It additionally wisely gives you applications dependent on your area, adding to a progressively unique encounter that goes a couple of steps past programmed backdrop pivot. The more you utilize the launcher, the better it gets. Besides, it is streamline to spare battery and memory.

Pick a class and get shocking backdrops ordinary cordiality of Google. In the event that you have Nougat or a later form of Android you can have one on your home screen, and an alternate one on your lock screen. Their choice of backdrops is continually developing, with pictures originating from Google Earth, Google+ and others.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

For aficionados of exemplary show-stoppers, Muzei is the decision for you. The application has backdrops recreating the absolute most renowned painters the world has ever observed, for example, Vincent van Gogh. The craftsmanship additionally retreats out of spotlight, obscuring and diminishing fine art to keep your symbols and gadgets in the spotlight. You can likewise control how regularly Muzei naturally changes your backdrop, with choices for everything from 15-minute interims to once at regular intervals.


On the off chance that you have a more up to date cell phone with a high-goals show, for example, a Samsung AMOLED, you will likely need to investigate Walli. The excellence of this application is that the backdrops come in goals, up to 4K. The backdrops are made by chosen specialists, and the craftsmen themselves can gain cash from being highlighted on the application. That is cool, since it despite everything implies that you can get their work for nothing, yet the individuals who put in the hard join aren’t getting scammed.

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