Do you think that it is necessary to have such a society?

Yes! You are all reading it right, and listening too. Often you may have heard your elders say that “KAR BHALA TO HO BHALA”. Yes, it has started from India through a group to build such a society and the name of this group is “SHG”. It means to help yourself, just like everyone wants to build a good house for themselves, wants to get a good job, wants to start a good business, but due to lack of money and not getting good education, that person has to compromise with his dreams.

How long such agreements will be with our siblings, with our lives and how long we will see these agreements happening. Don’t you want your family to be good to every person in your society and our country, be honest about their work and they should work with honesty and this is possible only when we understand each other and meet each other’s needs. Friends, together let us fulfill the dream that the “SHG” group has seen. And together let us take a pledge that now, throw away the word name troubles forever from your life.


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