Sandes App Download Link 2021 for Android

This application was brought by our India Government. However it is not yet available for Android mobiles.This application has been made available to Apple phones. The main purpose of bringing this application is the new privacy policy update that came with WhatsApp .Many WhatsApp users have stopped using WhatsApp due to a new privacy policy update that WhatsApp came up with a few days ago.

Instead of WhatsApp, applications like Signal and Telegram have started to be used. However, in view of the privacy of our Indians, we have brought this application under the name of Sandesh. Our Indian Government.However designing this message application NIC is an important thing. This does not interfere with user security.

The Sandesh application is now available in the App Store for iPhone. Not yet available for Android users. It is said to be available to Android users in the next two or three days.Let us know about the application. It also has a chat feature. If you do not have our mobile number first, you will need to register the email with it.You can then chat, as usual, by creating groups.




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