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PUBG: Player gets crushed by two vehicles, but does not die



It should not shock anyone that PUBG has bugs and glitches, yet when things get self-evident, they stick out. As of late, another Reddit post from client Bigbuzzwell, demonstrated that he obviously runs over an adversary however he doesn’t appear to bite the dust. This is amazing most definitely, since running over a foe is a certain fire approach to get them to either bite the dust or thump them over.



In the video we can see that Bigbuzzwell zooming around in a Dacia on Erangel map. He detects a foe on the ground squatting and goes in to run him over with the vehicle. As he is going to pound the foe, another player in a UAZ collides with him and the squatting foe. The adversary is plainly tossed into the air yet he arrives without being wrecked or murdered. This is somewhat unusual, and what follows is a gunfight between the three. Here the other adversary in the UAZ takes out the squatting foe while Bigbuzzwell takes out the UAZ fellow.

Bugs in the game have been quite a while grumbling for players of PUBG. Also, the devs just can’t have the option to free the round of bugs and execution cuts. One explanation behind this could be the way that the game is ceaselessly presenting new highlights week in week out. New highlights present new mechanics which mean old mechanics need to matched up with them constantly.

In spite of the fact that including new highlights is a consistent issue for adjusting the game, many are of the conclusion that the devs should make a stride once again from new updates and fix the game. It is a typical objection that the game has execution issues with lower spec PCs which show the most fall in execution. PUBG was presented in 2017 and it has been some time, consequently there is a legitimacy for the players to grumble.

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