PUBG pc gets new update with bug fixes

There’s another report on PC that brings some bug fixes that were available in the last 6.1 update. The principle server was down for four hours and is currently up with the fixes. One of these fixes include proning in shallow water which made individuals extremely difficult to spot. In fact this was impractical, yet this bug was presented as of late. How about we examine the bug fixes that was presented right now.


– Medieval Helmet skin not noticeable when worn by female characters

– Players ready to inclined in shallow water

– Visual issue with specific jeans skins

– Inconsistent symbol measures in the entryway

The last update for PUBG added Season 6 to the primary PUBG server of the game. PUBG Corp prodded the new guide Karakin which was most readily last accessible on the Test Server. Karakin brings exceptional activity and speedy ongoing interaction last to PUBG. The Karakin map is an island off the shoreline of North Africa and is just 2×2 in size. The official maker of PUBG Corp, TS Jang, showed up in a video again and clarified what was being discharged with this new update.

Karakin is a guide with parched, rough condition that gives all the way open landscape and testing commitment. The devs guarantee that the guide is little, quick, and risky: Expect the strain of Miramar joined with the pace of Sanhok. Karakin is a 64 players map. The Black Zone is intended to push players out of the wellbeing of a structure. Towns can be intact, completely leveled, and everything in the middle of with Black Zone. There will be an alarm to show the beginning of the dark zone. The region will turn purple on the guide. Vikendi has been expelled from open matches incidentally and will be supplanted by Karakin.


At the end

PUBG devs are at long last presenting the C4 which is being called Sticky Bomb. This can be utilized on adversaries and on the new Breach Points in Karakin. This throwable will be only accessible on Karakin map. Slugs can enter breachable dividers and those open up a great deal of roads for campers or those countering them.

With another season, comes another survivor pass. The blog makes reference to, “Regardless of whether you have bought Premium Pass or not, all players can consolidate to fill the Community Accomplishment Gauge, at that point guarantee in-game skin compensates and disentangle the shrouded story of Karakin.” You can look at all the update subtleties.

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