PUBG Mobile: Here’s how camouflaging can help save your skin

In the fight royale game PUBG Mobile, disguising is a significant strategy. Since being spotted first, implies being taken shots from the start – this essentially summarizes the ongoing interaction on any guide in the game. While stacking up the correct sort of weapons and ammunition is significant, what’s additionally basic is to remain low and out of the adversary’s view for whatever length of time that you can. So disguising could really be the way to gain that Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Mobile

From the moving fields of Erangel and Sanhok, to the desolate, sandy deserts of Miramar, and the lovely snow-loaded landscape of Vikendi, rivalry is in every case overly extraordinary in PUBG Mobile. So as to be the last one standing, players need to utilize their condition and surroundings furthering their best potential benefit.



Drop all the sweet hues and pick a fundamental clothing to mix in the greenery last of Erangel. Perfect apparel would be anything in dull hues or an attire with tinges of green. This will assist you with hiding in the midst of the foliage just as the shadow of trees and shakes.

Best outfits for covering in Erangel:

– Urban Padded Jacket (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Dirty Tank Top (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Striped T-Shirt (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Army Green Jeans (accessible in the Classic Crate)

– Camo Padded Jacket (accessible in the Classic Crate)



Coats are not prescribed in Miramar except if you need to adhere to the high activity urban regions. Light hued tops or shirts worn with khaki or beige pants will assist you with gelling great right now. It is ideal to wear sand hued garments to converge with the desert surroundings which has unsaturated hues. Additionally maintain a strategic distance from uproarious covers, for example, the Horse Mask-they make you an obvious objective to spot.

Best outfits for covering in Miramar:

– Brown Jeans (accessible in the Premium Crate)

– Police Shirt (accessible in the Premium Crate)

– Slaughter (accessible in the Classic Crate)

– Dirty White Tank Top (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Beige Cargo Pants (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)



Like Erangel, Sanhok is likewise rich green with abundant measure of trees all over the place. Dull hued clothing types can undoubtedly cover you particularly when in the shadow of a tree or when behind a stone. A green ghillie suit would be the ideal approach imperceptible while you snake in on your foes in Sanhok.

Best outfits for covering in Sanhok:

– Long Sleeved Black T-Shirt (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Urban Padded Jacket (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Floral Shirt (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Bloody Combat Pants (accessible in the Soldier’s Crate)

– Green Pants (accessible in the Classic Crate)



Dissimilar to different maps on PUBG Mobile the territory on Vikendi is totally white. In the event that white’s not your shading, at that point go for light or dull shades to mix in the snowscapes of this delightful guide. Splendid outfits are comparable to making a deathwish in Vikendi with foes recognizing you from a far distance.

Best outfits for disguising in Vikendi:

– Crystal Bandit Suit (accessible in the Classic Crate)

– White Bathrobe (accessible in the Classic Crate)

– White Combat Pants (accessible in the Classic Crate)

– Medical Robe (accessible in the Premium Crate)

– Urban Pants (accessible in the Premium Crate)

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