PUBG Karakin map now has a story and a trailer

The new guide on PUBG called Karakin has gotten rather well known. Also, PUBG Corp is remunerating players with another trailer for the guide. This is a piece of the network objective went after the fight pass that was discharged with the new season. The fight pass had a network objective where designers were set to discharge the trailer for Karakin if the network figured out how to arrive at that monetary objective. The video says this is ‘Issue 1’ which implies we could expect a greater amount of these.



The trailer demonstrates a young lady who is by all accounts a previous occupant of the Karakin island. Furthermore, the trailer is described by her and shows the activity is a comic style. There is another veil that is prodded also. This cover may discharge soon. It sort of seems as though a devil veil which ought to be clarified by the designers soon. The trailer appears to show some exceptional activity which is really not normal for the game. It likewise shows the various parts of the Karakin map like the fragile dividers and the Sticky Bombs. The trailer closes with the storyteller clarifying that the island is brimming with recollections for her and how might she overlook her big day.

Karakin is a guide with dry, rough condition that gives all the way open landscape and testing commitment. The devs guarantee that the guide is little, quick, and risky: Expect the pressure of Miramar joined with the pace of Sanhok. Karakin is a 64 players map.

The Black Zone is intended to push players out of the wellbeing of a structure. Towns can be flawless, completely leveled, and everything in the middle of with Black Zone. There will be an alarm to demonstrate the beginning of the dark zone. The region will turn purple on the guide. Vikendi has been expelled from open matches briefly and will be supplanted by Karakin.

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