How to Make a Screen Capture From Android 2.3 and Earlier

In the event that you possess a fresher Android cell phone or tablet, the means for taking a screen capture are genuinely clear; in any case, more established forms of Android need worked in screen catch abilities, so you should hack your gadget utilizing your PC to take screen captures.

Step by step instructions to Take Screenshots in Older Versions of Android

You’ll require a PC and a USB link to associate your cell phone. The procedure is essentially the equivalent for Mac, Linux, and Windows:

Introduce the most recent variant of Java on your PC.

Download and introduce the Android Developer Kit (Android SDK) for your working framework. You can download the SDK for nothing from Google’s Android engineer’s website.

Open the recently introduced Android Studio and explore to Tools > Android > Monitor or snap the Android symbol on the toolbar to open DDMS.

Alter your telephone settings:

  1. Press the physical Menu catch on your gadget.
  2. Tap Applications.
  3. Tap Development.
  4. Check the crate alongside USB investigating.
  5. Associate your Android gadget to your PC utilizing a USB link.
  6. Return to DDMS to see your Android gadget recorded under the segment marked Name. The name might be a progression of letters and numbers.
  7. Feature your telephone in the Name segment, and afterward press Control+S. A screen catch from your cell phone shows, which you can spare as a PNG record on your PC.
  8. Snap Refresh for another screen catch.
  9. Tragically, there is no real way to catch moving pictures or recordings in more seasoned forms of Android.






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