How to Force the New Android Auto Update

Another form of Android Auto is at long last here—kind of. Google began revealing an excellent new form of Android Auto toward the end of last month, and your gadget should incite you to switch over to the new look and feel when you plug it into your vehicle. If not, you’ll need to check a covered setting to constrain this update physically.


New Android Auto Update

As Android Police reports, some Android fans have been associating and detaching their gadgets to their vehicles while never accepting the notice—a basic warning, we note—to move up to Android Auto’s most recent form. While all things considered, Google will consequently overhaul everybody’s Android Auto sooner or later, there’s no sense keeping an eye out during the current day to occur on the off chance that you can get to its new form at the present time.

To check whether you’re qualified, and to begin the update procedure on the off chance that you haven’t been incited to do it. You’ll need to open the Android Auto application on your telephone. Tap the cheeseburger symbol in the upper-left corner and tap on Settings. At that point, search for the top thing on your screen. Which ought to be a choice to “Attempt the new Android Auto.”

Empower it, and you ought to have the fresh out of the plastic. New form of Android Auto whenever you plug your telephone into your vehicle.

It is pretty simple and easy.

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