How To Enable Dark Mode In Google Chrome

You can follow the steps below to enable it on your Android device.Google has recently rolled out an update for Mac that added the Dark Mode to the
browser but Windows and Android users are still waiting for the same. However, there’s
good news in case you are waiting to get it on your Android device.
There is no straight way to enable dark mode on Chrome 74 for Android as yet. The
feature essentially turns the white background into black making it easy for the user to
browse the web during the night and even improve battery life. Turning the background
black or dark grey not only provides better contrast but also reduces eyestrain.
Chrome 74 getting dark mode is a step towards Google’s rumoured system-wide dark
mode for Android Q . Several apps like YouTube, Twitter, Messenger for Facebook have
introduced dark mode on their Android version before the next major Android update.


  1. Enterchrome://flags in the address bar. These flags can be used to toggle experimental features in Chrome.


  1. In the search bar for Chrome flags, search for “Android Chrome UI dark mode.” You should be able to see the flag without typing the entire phrase.


  1. Tap on “Default” and select “Enabled.”


  1. You would be prompted to relaunch Chrome so that the Setting can be applied. Tap on “Relaunch Now.”


  1. Now, go to Settings>Dark mode and toggle the switch to turn the dark mode on. (If you don’t see the setting, close Chrome once and relaunch. By now the option must be visible but if it isn’t,Force Stop Chrome and then launch it again).


  1. Now, the different elements of Chrome including the startup screen, 3-dot menu, Settings, etc. will be painted in a gray tint suitable to relieve your eyes and reduce battery consumption in the case of OLED/AMOLED displays on your Android device.


The biggest issue you may notice is black text on dark gray backgrounds. This is present in the tab switcher menu, and for some users, in the “Articles for You” page. A more minor bug is the fact that the navigation bar remains white despite the app being in dark mode.

On pre-stable versions of Chrome (e.g., Canary), it appears Google is testing an extended version of this theme that also turns some websites dark. This can result in the same problem of dark text on a dark background, and there’s another issue where images may appear in inverted colors from time to time.

If these bugs are dealbreakers, you can disable dark mode by returning to Chrome’s settings menu, selecting “Dark Mode,” then turning off the toggle switch. We’ll update this guide with new info as the feature becomes more reliable.






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