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IPod nano now has a worked in camcorder that lets you suddenly shoot video wherever you are. iPod nano is making rock. More glitz with a cleaned anodized aluminum complete and a bigger screen for your survey delight. Furthermore, making music blends has never been simpler.

To separate itself from past models, the most recent Nano incorporates a marginally bigger 2.2-inch screen (up from 2 inches) and a shiny. Cleaned aluminum complete that one CNET proofreader depicted as resembling a Christmas tree trimming. In any case, the most effortless approach to tell that you’re holding a fifth-age iPod Nano is to flip it over.

The Nano’s camcorder

Of the considerable number of extravagant accessories Apple added to the fifth-age iPod Nano, the camcorder is the most eminent. Put on the back of the Nano in the lower right corner (or lower left, in case you’re taking a gander at the back), the little. Dot estimate focal point brings one more advantageous and helpful element to an officially noteworthy item. We’re not excited with the camera’s video quality, the area of the focal point behind your hand, or the powerlessness to take still photographs, however it’s hard to censure when you think about the Nano’s generally low cost.

A practically identical, VGA-goals camcorder, for example, the Flip Mino has a road cost of $130 and incorporates just a small amount of the highlights found on the Nano.

In contrast to its fourth-age kin, the most recent Nano has a dab estimate camera focal point on its lower left posterior. The focal point runs flush with the Nano’s aluminum body, however in the event that the well used and-scratched back of our fourth-age Nano is any sign, we exhort putting resources into a defensive case to keep the camera in great working request.

The UI of the fifth Generation Nano remains on the whole unaltered except. For a couple of new menu things for the camcorder, FM radio, and wellness highlights. The bigger 2.2-inch screen would now be able to show up to 12 lines of menu content (up from 10) and the Now Playing screen records craftsman, collection, and title data in three bolder, increasingly clear lines at the highest point of the screen.


The majority of the highlights from a year ago’s Nano have moved to the fifth-age model, including music. Video, and digital broadcast playback, just as additional items, for example, photographs, schedule, diversions, cautions, stopwatch, contacts, notes, and timekeepers. On the off chance that that weren’t sufficient, Apple has raised the stakes with an incorporated pedometer. Genius Mix support, voice recording, an inherent speaker, camcorder, and a FM radio.

The iPod Nano’s ties with iTunes additionally brings phenomenal media highlights, including standard, brilliant, and Genius playlists; the last makes momentary 25 melody playlists based around the qualities of any of your preferred tunes. Beside transforming playlist creation into a basic, a single tick undertaking, Genius playlists can be made legitimately. On the iPod Nano, dispensing with the issue of making and matching up playlists through iTunes.

At the end

Another favorable position of the iPod/iTunes relationship is the capacity to download and exchange motion pictures. TV appears, music recordings, video digital broadcasts, and other video content with negligible whine. The Nano additionally handles iTunes-leased motion pictures, many valued as low as $0.99, yet ordinarily costing about $3. Other welcome highlights on the Nano’s video player incorporate help for part markers, playback auto-continue, video digital broadcasts, and captions.

There are a lot of pleasant things to state about the Nano’s camcorder. To begin with, the Nano’s camera is anything but difficult to utilize, letting you to bounce directly into account after. Just two ticks from the principle menu. Its 640×480-pixel goals and MP4/H.264. Video recording design (bit rates go somewhere in the range of 2,800Kbps) works locally in iTunes. And most video playback programming just as video spilling Web destinations including YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook.

With up to 8GB of capacity, the Nano can store a noteworthy 16 hours of recorded video. And to the extent comfort goes, you’ll have a troublesome time finding a littler, lighter camcorder than the iPod Nano.


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