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Platforms for Bitcoin discussion   (Bitcoin forum)

Bitcoin forum is a concept introduced by the controversial founder of bitcoin where users can get latest news and information about bitcoin. Other than that there are Number of different forums (unofficial) which are developed by the people for the people where all stakeholders (cryptocurrency related community) can communicate with each other. People can share their opinions and novice can understand the methodology behind bitcoin development. These forums are helpful especially for the traders, miners and even developers as they are using these forums to discuss different issues they are facing.  Those who wanted to develop their own digital currency can take help from such forums, they act as guidelines for new comers.

Some Forums introduced by developers

Bitcointalk — One of the biggest platform provided by Satoshi Nakamoto. As its name implies, it is a chat system where people can talk to developers and technical about their queries. — an active forum where everyone can avail latest news and updates pf bitcoin.

Bitcoin Garden — Not very popular, but quickly developing cryptocurrency forum.

Bitcoinforum — it is forum associated with official website. Forum — a Forum where team of developers, technical workers are working to promote bitcoin and to further improve the services.

CryptoCompare Bitcoin page — A Bitcoin devoted web page on a CryptoCompare interactive platform the place where people can talk about the latest graphs and display market streaming in actual time. Bitcoin page — A Bitcoin page on an financial portal aimed to attract more investors so that bitcoin can become more popular.

StackExchange Bitcoin page — A page especially dedicated for all answer the questions of crytocurrency enthusiasts.


Therefore, Bitcoin Forums aims to solve problem of beginners and to facilitate experience trade to further boost up their earnings. Anyone can directly communicate with developers of bitcoin in case of any query. As it is important to understand how bitcoin is generated (mining process), technology used in its development and then start trading so that you take decisions easily. Remember, risk is involve in any type of investment we can only minimize it and unfortunately cannot vanish it so, it is better to consult experts before making decisions and invest whatever you can afford to lose it. So the best practice is to do a research to understand the whole concept of bitcoin then start trading, mining or any other way to earn from bitcoin      




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