AP Election Application in 2020 – NIGHA APP

NIGHA app is made available to empower citizen to report any violations of Model Code of Conduct in ensuing Local Body elections in bid to crack down on electoral malpractices. NIGHA App aims at ‘Free and Fair’ elections by helping administration in curbing all the violations like the use of money and alcohol in the local body elections.


1. Just Download application and open it.

2. Enter Your Mobile number and get otp .

3. Once OTP Entered . you redirect to another page.


5. Finally your search your voter id Number.`

Every citizen will have to enter his Mobile Number for getting access to the NIGHA APP and register his complaint and the status will updated immediately on acting on it. All the privacy details of the Citizen who is registering the details will be secure and will not be revealed to anybody, thereby everybody should feel secure in accessing this NIGHA APP for ensuring free and fair election.

                DOWNLOAD APP

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