Ant Audio Wave 702 – Review

It would be genuinely evident to express that the more cash you’re willing to pay, the better the earphones or headphones you can purchase. Not every person has the financial limit for costly sound items, however luckily, a spending limit of Rs. 500 is never again too little to even consider buying a respectable pair of headphones, as we as of late observed with the Realme Buds.

Here to give the Realme Buds rivalry in the passage level headphones portion is the Ant Audio Wave 702. Valued at Rs. 499, this pair of headphones guarantees a great deal. We audit the Ant Audio Wave 702.

AntAudio Wave 702 structure and details

There isn’t a lot to the Ant Audio Wave 702 past its center usefulness; the headphones include an in-trench fit, and there’s a solitary catch inline remote with an amplifier. The finish of the link has a standard 3.5mm attachment to associate with a wide assortment of cell phones, PCs, and sound players. The link is 1.2m long and is level, which offers some protection from tangling. Be that as it may, we encountered a considerable lot of link commotion amid our survey of the Ant Audio Wave 702.

A solitary push on the inline remote’s lone catch answers calls and plays or delays music playback. You can likewise jump to the past or next track and trigger either Siri or Google Assistant with numerous presses of the catch.

The headphones have a base shade of dark, however you can get them with one of four distinctive hued emphasizes — yellow, blue, red, or dark. The ear housings are metal, and the double shading structure looks fascinating and gives a sprinkle of shading to the headphones.

Additionally included are three sets of silicone ear tips. The headphones have a recurrence reaction scope of 20-20,000Hz, impedance of 16Ohms, and affectability rating of 90dB.

Subterranean Ant  Audio Wave 702 execution

The business bundle of the Ant Audio Wave 702 has ‘additional bass’ printed rather prominently on the front. And we were anticipating that this should be the characterizing nature of its sound mark. Be that as it may. We were charmingly shocked to find that the bass wasn’t exactly as forceful as we were anticipating.

Rather, we observed the sound to be as refined as we could. Want to anticipate from a couple of spending headphones. The mid-range and top of the line sounded also innocuous. And large sonic mark will suit most well known sorts.

The Ant Audio Wave 702 isn’t among the most intense sets of headphones we’ve heard, even at the most noteworthy volumes that our source gadgets can convey. At sensible volumes, this pair of headphones is sufficiently noisy for easygoing tuning in, and the commotion separation is adequate to guarantee a perfect sound.

Subterranean Ant  Audio

We additionally enjoyed the receptiveness and profundity to the sound; they weren’t much when contrasted with progressively costly headphones, however were tolerable at the cost.

We had the capacity to detect both of these components when tuning in to energizing tracks, for example, The Music by Marcus Marr and Angels Deserve To Die by Jalebee Cartel, which sounded extensively better on the Ant Audio Wave 702 than on some other spending headphones we’ve utilized previously. While the bass and highs are articulated, vocals managed to push through and sound great.







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