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A Simple Trick For Nova Launcher Users To Hide Apps On Android



Our Mobile telephones are of incredible assistance to us as we can utilize it for everything, from getting to media to banking. We will in general download a great deal of applications on our telephones yet we don’t need others to see some of them in the dread of passing judgment on us. We securely stow away those applications with the goal that when we loan it to somebody, they don’t find a workable pace the applications and don’t pass judgment on us. You don’t need to tap on the home screen symbol to get to the application. A gadget or a motion will be sufficient to access or dispatch the application and can conceal the application symbol from the application cabinet itself.

A Simple Trick For Nova Launcher Users To Hide Apps On Android

The default home screen application won’t permit you to do this, the one that comes pre-introduced. Be that as it may, you can do as such with Nova Launcher. After you complete the whole set up, you can offer it to anybody. And they won’t have the option to discover anything.

Stage 1:

Firstly, you ought to download Nova Launcher. It is ordinarily known as Nova launcher prime. The base Nova Launcher App ought to be download first and afterward you can buy and introduce the prime extra or form to it. You can do that from Google Store itself.

Stage 2:

The Hide Apps Menu ought to be found after you have the paid adaptation of the Nova Launcher Prime. You should long-press in any vacant space on your home screen itself and afterward click on Settings machine gear-piece. At that point go to App and Widgets cabinet and look till the down of it. You can discover Hide Apps in the Drawer Groups segment. At the point when you will be opening the menu, you can without much of a stretch discover the applications that you can stow away.

Stage 3:

To conceal the applications from the application cabinet, click in the containers beside the applications to choose them and you can conceal them from that point. In the wake of picking that, you can press the route bar and finish it. At the point when you click on the back bolt in the upper left corner, you ought to disregard the screen. And at that point you can hit on the back catch. At that point you can without much of a stretch go to the App and Widgets cabinet menu.

Stage 4:

Open the application cabinet to see the applications that you have just covered up. Stages 2 and 3 ought to be rehashed on the off chance that you can at present observe the applications there.

Home screen applications can’t be cover up. You can shroud just those that are in the application cabinet. Expel the symbol from the home screen likewise in the event that you wish to make the application look totally imperceptible. You can utilize the Nova’s App Drawer quest to search for the application that you have covered up.

With Nova Launcher Prime, concealing applications from prying eyes turns out to be simple. It can ensure both improper applications just as excess applications. You can follow the means and look at the outcomes right away with the assistance of this application.

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