OnePlus phones are deleting speed dial contacts, for some reason

In the event that your OnePlus telephone is erasing speed dial contacts every day, you’re not the only one — many have taken to an eight-page string on OnePlus’ discussions to whine about something very similar.

Nobody knows how the issue became, however individuals have griped about it since January. Some trust that just recently included contacts are being erased — speed dial contacts brought over from past telephones apparently aren’t influenced by the issue.

Speed dial contacts erased on an OnePlus telephone.

In view of remarks, any OnePlus telephone running any 9.0.x form could be influenced. Additionally influenced are OnePlus telephones returning to the OnePlus 3 and as later as the OnePlus 6T.

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Fortunately OnePlus knows about the issue and hopes to issue a fix in the following update. Android Authority connected with OnePlus for input, however didn’t hear back by press time.

Meanwhile, some have raised clearing store from your OnePlus telephone’s recuperation mode. Another choice is to agree to accept your telephone’s Open Beta, which probably won’t demonstrate the issue. The second alternative is more dangerous, since you’d run beta programming on what is likely your essential telephone.





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