RBI to issue new ‘greenish yellow’ coloured Rs 20 notes soon


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will in the blink of an eye issue new “greenish yellow” Rs 20 money notes in the Mahatma Gandhi (New) arrangement, the national bank said in a notice dated April 26. The new Rs 20 notes will bear mark of the Reserve Bank’s senator Shaktikanta Das.”The base shade of the note is Greenish Yellow. The note has different plans, geometric examples lining up with the general shading plan, both at the front-side and turn around,” the RBI said.

“The new (Rs 20) division has theme of Ellora Caves on the turn around, delineating the nation’s social legacy,” it included.

Here are some different subtleties of the new Rs 20 notes:


  • See through register with denominational numeral 20. This is the little flower configuration printed both on the front (empty) and back (topped off) of the note amids. The vertical band beside the watermark has a precise consecutive enlistment. The structure will show up as one botanical plan when seen against the light.
  • Denominational numeral 20 in ‘Devnagari’ and the representation of Mahatma Gandhi will at the middle.
  • Micro letters ‘RBI’, ‘BHARAT’ (in Hindi), ‘INDIA’ and ’20’ alongside windowed demetalised security string with engravings ‘BHARAT’ and RBI.
  • Guarantee Clause, senator’s mark with guarantee statement and RBI symbol will be towards right of Mahatma Gandhi picture and Ashoka Pillar insignia on the right.
  • Mahatma Gandhi representation and electrotype (20) watermarks and number despite board with numerals developing from little to enormous on the upper left side and base right side.


* Year of printing of the note on the left and ‘Swachh Bharat’  because logo with motto.


  • Language board and theme of Ellora Caves
  • Denominational numeral 20 in ‘Devnagari’.
  • Dimension of the new Rs 20 note will be 63mm x 129mm





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