10 days pension

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy made the decision on the first day of raising the old age and widow pension to Rs 2,250 as promised by the Andhra Pradesh elections. The pins were announced on the 8th of July to be handed over to the late Chief Minister YS Jayanthi. In the wake of the YSSAR pension scheme, the social security pension raised under the mobile scheme will be distributed from Monday. The Rural Poverty Alleviation Society has made arrangements for this distribution throughout the state.

There are currently 12 types of pensions distributed every month across the state. Pensions are provided for the elderly, widows, single women, weavers, stone workers, fishermen, skinners, dap artists, hijras, kidney patients, AIDS sufferers and diviners. The first installment was raised to Rs. The previous government estimated that 40 to 79 percent of disabled people pay Rs2,000 per month.

AP Government has released new guidelines for the YSAR pension scheme in AP. It has revised some of the eligibility rules outlined in the bio issued so far and has issued a new set of guidelines. CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s decision to increase the old age and widow pension to Rs 2,250 as promised in the election was taken on the first day of formation of the government.



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